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Minor Hockey


By Fred Wallace


Not knowing beforehand that I would get stranded last month in Buffalo on a Saturday night, I committed to Owen Sound Minor Hockey Group to do the P.A. for their Fall Classic Championship Games on the Sunday.

Even when disaster struck around midnight, I thought, surely I'll get home in plenty of time for the first Championship game at 11 am.


I missed the 11 am Bantam Final

I bounced off the bus at precisely 12:30 that Sunday afternoon, just in time to roll into the press box for the Peewee Championship Game.

Afterwards, Organizer Dave McNeil told me there were complaints from the Bantam Final previously, claiming that the P.A. was only being used for the Owen Sound game, as they were in the Peewee Final, and not the Bantam Final beforehand.

Little did they know.

Which is why I love Minor Hockey.

Normally rational parents just lose it.

My personal favorite was the lady from the Belle River Peewees who lumbered into the Press Box, after they lost, and whined that there was too much fanfare on the P.A. for the Owen Sound team.

Almost as funny was the next day when, I assume, the woman's long-suffering and meek husband approached me and asked if I could please, please, introduce the Belle River starting lineup with some flair.

Which is why I'm looking forward to the Owen Sound Silver Stick Tournament this weekend....... The parents are often far more entertaining than the kids.

I'm Fred Wallace

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