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Why The Delay ?


By Fred Wallace


Does it strike anyone else as strange that Softball Canada has yet to officially confirm who is hosting the 2010 Canadian Junior Men's Fastball Championship Tournament ?

Everyone and their brother is of the understanding that Nova Scotia will be the host province.

But to this point, the official web site of Softball Canada has yet to make an official announcement.

Maybe they're waiting for Nova Scotia to designate a host centre.

Of course, you'd think that would have been established long ago.

True, when Owen Sound was the host center in 2008, they managed to get the event up and running in a span of about 6 months.

But anyone connected to the Owen Sound organizing committee will admit without question, they enjoyed far greater success from almost every regard the following year whne they host it it in 2009 & their preparation time was extended.

Maybe I'm reading far too much into this.

Maybe I'm looking for something that just isn't there.

But it still strikes me as strange that weeks after the tournament was unofficially awarded to Nova Scotia, there is no official confirmation.

I'm Fred Wallace


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