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T.O. # 36


By Fred Wallace


I read somewhere that the city of Toronto was ranked 36th among North American " Sports Cities ".

Toronto probably would be considered far higher on the list if the Argos were a National Football League club, or if Toronto had an NHL team.

Furthermore, Toronto's rep as a sport city would be further heightened if they had a championship team of some description.

What's the over/under on when a Toronto based pro sports team will win a championship ?

The Argos, miserable as they are this season, are likely the best bet in the 8 team CFL, but as the weekend approaches, an Argo Grey Cup seems an awfully long way off.

Baseball ?

The Jays won the World Series just 16 years ago and have been nowhere close since.

Based on their divisional rivals and the latest shuffling of management, I don't see a World Series, do you ?

Basketball ?

The Raptors have been an historic non-factor.

Could you imagine if the Leafs went as long between playoff berths with such limited success like the Raptors ?

Wait a minute.....

Actually looking at the Leafs, Jays, Raptors & Argos, I shudder to think what life is like in the 37th best sports city in North America.

I'm Fred Wallace



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