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Bluewater West Elementary Cross Country


By Fred Wallace


It was cold last week when the Bluewater West Elementary Cross Country Meet was staged at Saugeen Bluffs, near Paisley.

As I shuffled from foot to foot, organizer Neil Gowan smiled and stated the conditions were perfect for a cross country meet, and based on his background in the sport, I believed him.

Six Divisions of runners, 3 each for girls and boys, roared out of the chute and into the bluffs, and wheeled around and headed home on the day.

When the final runner completed their course, the Saugeen Central Wildcats took the overall team trophy.

The Nusselders, Sam & Jessie, along with Trevor Donaldson all captured individual races for Saugeen Central who were 14 points ahead of the runners up from Northport.

I've always liked the Bluewater West Elementary Cross Country Meet each October, recognizing it for both it's participation and social benefits.

And I remember when each June, there used to be a Bluewater Track & Field Meet at Kincardine.

Neil Gowan smiled again and told me plans are in the works to revive the track & field meet, maybe as early as 2010.

I'm Fred Wallace

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