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By Fred Wallace


When Bluewater Sports get rolling, they get rolling in a big way.

On our services, we primarily spotlight the Bluewater High Schools through the Bluewater Athletic Association.

Last Thursday, as just one example, the Grey Highlands Lions won the Ontario Girls Rugby 7's at Markham, the Saugeen District Royals won the Bluewater Tennis title and there were league games in football, Junior Soccer, Girls basketball & Boys Volleyball.

That's a busy day.

The biggest and busiest events at the Elementary School level in Bluewater are set for today and tomorrow near Paisley & near Meaford.

Today at Saugeen Bluffs, the Bluewater West Elementary Cross County Meet will be staged with the first race set for 11 am.

Tomorrow at the Land Forces Central Area Training Center, the Bluewater East Elementary Cross Country Championship are scheduled to go.

Combine the two events, and there will be two thousand youngsters from our broadcast region competing and participating over the course of the two days.

Yes it's busy, in fact sometimes it's downright chaotic, but in the grand scheme of things, Elementary or Secondary, these are significant games and events for Bluewater Student-Athletes.

I'm Fred Wallace



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