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Could NOW Be The Time ?


By Fred Wallace

Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


On Sunday January 5th, the Detroit Pistons beat the 14 & 1/2 point spread against the LA Lakers in the National Basketball Association; the Minnesota Vikings defeated the New Orleans Saints in overtime in the National Football Conference Wild Card Game, plus in the National Hockey League the Chicago Blackhawks doubled the Detroit Red Wings 4-2 while the Washington Capitals and San Jose Sharks scored less than 2 goals in the 1st period of their game.

Additionally, on Saturday February 8th, Jon " Bones " Jones defeated Dominick Reyes in the UFC.

The significance of these 5 disparate events ?

On January 5th at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas I made bets on those 5 sporting events, and a bunch of others that didn't pay off.

The catch is, I departed Las Vegas before those sporting events were finalized, or in the case of the UFC bout, before it had even taken place.

I had no qualms about leaving Vegas with uncashed tickets, because I KNEW the next Puppy White Tour would only be a few months away.

Then COVID-19 hit and I find myself in possession of winning tickets I may never get to cash.

On another note, I see the provinces and the federal governments have once again put single game wagering on the political agenda.

I've mentioned many times I almost never play Pro Line with it's trifecta format, preferring to save the cash for single game wagering in Nevada.

But with COVID-19 hammering casinos and the hospitality industry at every corner, plus governments in need of money after handing out a plethora of cash they might not have, anything that might generate a revenue stream has to be welcome and maybe, JUST maybe, Ontario and Canada will have single game wagering in the future.


I'm Fred Wallace

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