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Mustang Awards


By Fred Wallace

Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


The interruption of the school year was unfortunate on every level including athletics where the Bluewater Spring season never came to pass.

Understand that athletics aren't the major component of post secondary life in our region, but I've always believed there's extreme merit in having young athletes compete in their various activities and represent their school.

To that end, I also think it's important to recognize the school's athletic programs and participants in the manner St Mary's High School did recently.

The Mustangs announced that Mackenzie Radbourne was the Female Athlete of the Year while Zachary Meikle was selected as the Male Athlete of the year for St Mary's.

Radbourne competed in Basketball and Volleyball while Meikle played Volleyball, Basketball and was on the Mustangs Swim Team.

Like many high schools, St Mary's not only honours their best performers in their various sports but also acknowledge the student-athletes who stand out as people, illustrating the best values derived from sports and competition.

The Coaches Award winners this year were Tara Meikle & Ryken Arnold plus Rebekah Cassidy and Ethan Kruisselbrink were the winners of the " Mustang Awards "

By my count, St Mary's High School operated 20 different athletic options last year, a number that would have been higher still had COVID-19 not bushwhacked the Bluewater Athletic season.

Here's hoping that all Bluewater schools will be open and able to operate all of their athletic and academic programs come Fall.


I'm Fred Wallace

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