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By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


With COVID-19 leading most major sporting activities to cancel or remain in limbo, the UFC is one of the few organizations that has been able to motor ahead.

However, the road the UFC is travelling is far from smooth, and somewhat ironically, the pandemic doesn't seem to be their major issue, instead fighter pay days have arisen in negative fashion.

Conor McGregor, maybe the most prominent performer in the UFC, recently announced he " retired ".

Now, not everybody believes this as McGregor has 'retired " before. But one of the lingering questions is whether or not the " retirement " has financial undertones.

While McGregor's move is somewhat of mystery, out in the open is the disgruntled voices of Jon " Bones " Jones and Jorge Masvidal 

Jones wants BIG money, the UFC says a $ 30 million demand, to move up to heavyweight for a superfight with Francis Ngannou. 

Masvidal is upset over the breakdown of contract talks with the UFC. He was supposed to challenge for the welterweight title in July, but negotiations have gone south.

As a casual observer, even I understand that McGregor, Jones and Masvidal are among the  biggest names in the UFC.

But the UFC is almost as much about promotion as it is about fighting, call it hype if you will, so if McGregor does retire, if Jones gets his requested release and if Masvidal never fights again, I have no doubt the UFC will have any number of performers cued up and ready to be inserted into the limelight that McGregor, Jones and Masvidal now occupy.


I'm Fred Wallace

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