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Pearson Picked


By Fred Wallace

Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


The Owen Sound Attack Twitter account recently staged a " Best of Bearadio " Showdown where they took 32 audio clips from games on 560 CFOS and organized them into an NCAA-style bracket.

When the final voting concluded, Kaleb Pearson was declared the winner for his last second overtime goal at Windsor on March 5th, ironically, the last game that Owen Sound would win before the coronavirus pandemic would put a halt to the Ontario Hockey League season.

Pearson outlasted Petrus Palmu and his Game 5 overtime winner at London in 2016 in the head to head Showdown Final.

I followed the proceedings with great interest having witnessed almost all of the 32 candidates over the course of the last 15 years ( digital audio storage wasn't as easy in our newsroom prior to 2005 ).

The difficulty I had, and I'm sure most of the voters experienced, was making the distinction between the significance of the goal and the actual on air call.

Make no mistake, Pearson and Palmu easily would crack my personal Top 10.

However, the goal by Mike Angelidis that eliminated Kitchener in overtime in the 2005 playoffs was a tremendous moment. Similarly, the overtime goal by Matt Petgrave at Mississauga in Game 3 of the 2011 OHL Championship also was a highly significant marker,

But the on-air call in those cases, in my opinion, weren't as good as say, the overtime goal Chris Bigras scored at Kingston when he was essentially 1 on 4, or the playoff overtime winner by Maxim Sushko in Game 1 of the 2019 playoffs at Sault Ste Marie that shocked everyone, including me, as the underdog Attack scored the upset win in that series opener.

But that too is the beauty of sport and the democracy of Attack fans on Twitter have spoken. Let it be known at the moment, and maybe for some time, that behind the Jarrod Maidens goal that won the 2011 OHL Championship for the Attack, Kaleb Pearson was the best of the 2020  " Bearadio Showdown ".


I'm Fred Wallace




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