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The Scramble


By Fred Wallace

Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


Last week, a fastball aficionado in the region sent me the Ontario Amateur Softball Association Return to Play Guidelines.

The guidelines and considerations were lengthy and that's understandable.

However, the depth and detail within the guidelines made me think there's no way softball is returning in the short term.

The item that caught my eye was found in the category labelled " Other Considerations "

Tournament scheduling needs to have at least an hour, or 30-45 minutes, between the conclusion of one game and the start time of the next game in order to minimize yet maintain maximum participant numbers in the space or ball park. 

This allows one set of teams to leave the premises, before the next set of team needs to come in and warm-up appropriately.

Again I understand the gist of the consideration, but it also made me remember what makes the OASA and Softball Canada tournaments in Owen Sound special.

As two teams get into the late innings at Duncan McLellan Park, the next two arrive and settle as a group on the bleachers, kinda of bonding, kinda making a territorial claim, kinda watching & kinda scouting a future opponent.

It's exciting, especially if the ongoing game is tight and the ball park numbers swell around the home plate area.

Generally in Owen Sound, the time between the last out of one game and the first pitch of the next is 10 minutes, sometime less.

As the P.A. announcer, music director & unofficial scorekeeper, it's always a massive scramble to get down to the field, get the lineup cards, race back up the stairs to the Press Box, deal with some crisis that invariably unfolds, write the lineups for both teams for the next game in my scorebook, change the music selection in the C.D. player and finally announce the starting lineups for the next contest.

........I'll miss that scramble this year.


I'm Fred Wallace

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