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Sauble Speedway Alters Schedule


By Fred Wallace

Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


We mentioned last week that the harness racing season at Hanover Raceway will commence as scheduled, albeit with a number of alterations, this coming Saturday.

Again spectators cannot attend Hanover at the present but there are a variety of social media platforms to view the races at Hanover and wager on those contests.

For local auto racing, Sauble Speedway had also planned to launch their season this coming Saturday with a " Test & Tune " Day, but that's not going to happen.

Instead, the first activity at Sauble will be a COVID-19 Practice Day scheduled for Saturday June 20th.

The number of cars participating on June 20th will be capped at 30 for the day and only 2 at a time will be on the track at any given time during the course of the 4 hours of practice.

Furthermore, crews will be limited to 5 people per car and all of them have to be registered in advance.

There are a variety of other measures pertaining to the beginning of 2020 at Sauble Speedway for the drivers and pit crews, and hopefully eventually for spectators.

Sauble Speedway is a long running example of a tourist attraction in our region.

Yes, there are die hard local race fans who have been at the track for decades, but in fairness, the key to success and survival, the heart of the business at Sauble Speedway comes from visitors who spend their Saturday nights and the odd Sunday enjoying the action.

June 20th will be the first step in 2020 for Sauble Speedway and hopefully as the summer rolls on the spectators will roll in.


I'm Fred Wallace

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