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Tinkering With The Tilson Award


By Fred Wallace

Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire "


Over 3 decades, I've seldom picked the winner of the Red Tilson Trophy correctly, and as mentioned yesterday, apparently I was wrong again this year.

Again, let me STRESS, I have no beef with Marco Rossi of Ottawa winning the Tilson Trophy this year, but put simply, he wasn't my selection in the annual vote conducted by the league writers and broadcasters.

Which brings me to another topic.

The OHL NEVER asks for my input on anything, but regarding the Tilson Trophy, I'd like to gently suggest a couple of alterations.

One, cap the number of eligible voters at 80. That is; 4 votes from the media for each of the 20 OHL centres.

In Owen Sound, for example, issue a ballot to me, to Greg Cowan at The Sun Times, to Mark McKelvie from Rogers TV and to Ken Hashizume who represents a variety of media.

( Actually, the OHL should just ask Mark McKelvie for the winner, since few people see as much of the league as Mark...but I digress )

In this manner, there would be equal and balanced representation across the OHL.

Two, stipulate the 4 Owen Sound voters CANNOT vote for the Attack nominee for the Tilson Award and likewise for the other OHL centres; No voting for your guy.

And three, make the voting results public. Put the names of the 80 voters and their respective selections on every media and social media platform available.

I guarantee it would create heightened exposure for the award and for the OHL. 

If a media member balks at having their choice revealed........they don't get a ballot, or their ballot is simply spoiled and not counted.

You're welcome.


I'm Fred Wallace

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