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By Fred Wallace

Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


Hanover Raceway announced last week that their 60th season of live Harness Racing will commence as scheduled on Saturday June 6th.

Long before the coronavirus, Hanover Raceway had shifted their start time to 2 pm for the 2020 season and that will be the start on June 6th going forward.

There are stipulations of course, the biggest of which is that NO spectators will be allowed at the track as legislated by the Ontario government through their Stage One initiative.

However, race fans can follow the action on a variety of social media forums.


They can visit

They can follow on the Hanover Raceway YouTube channel.

They can go to the Hanover Raceway's Facebook page.

Or race fans can participate through the on-line betting portal


It's not perfect, but nothing is perfect in this day and age, at least compared to what we knew 3 months ago and certainly a year ago.

Still, the Hanover Raceway opening scheduled for June 6th and the sequence of 15 Saturday race dates through the Summer indicates forward progress and hopefully represents harness racing, and the world, leaving COVID-19 in the dust.


I'm Fred Wallace


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