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By Fred Wallace

Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


I have good news...and I have bad news.

The bad news was the confirmation earlier this week that the Ontario Series had cancelled the 2020 Senior Lacrosse season.

The announcement was not unexpected, in fact, a week prior people connected to the Owen Sound Bug Juice NorthStars called the Bayshore Broadcasting newsroom with a " heads up " that there wouldn't be a 2020 season in the Scenic City.

The announcement from the Senior Series wipes out the 5 team league for this year, but to a certain extent it gives those associated with the sport additional time to plan and build for 2021.

Along with the cancellation of the Ontario Series, the 2020 Presidents Cup Championship at Leduc, Alberta was likewise canned.

The Canadian Lacrosse Association is scheduled to meet later this month and the expectation is that Leduc will retain the hosting rights for next year.

The good news is that a number of activities in our region are progressing into Stage 1 of the Return to Action plan in Ontario.

Most notable in our region is Varney International Speedway who will conduct racing tomorrow.

There will be no spectators allowed on the premises and there will be no prize money available for the competitors, but there will be racing which indicates the first significant step back to what once was for sports and events in the area.

Have a great weekend.


I'm Fred Wallace

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