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Pay Day


By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire "


The beauty of sports in both normal times and in times like these is that they provide a delightful distraction.

I can say this from a personal standpoint after escaping for more than 50 years to watch the matter what game, or sport, we're talking about.

Over the passage of time, sports has become less of a game and more of an economic activity.

In fairness, it's likely always been about economics, but today the money bar is in the stratosphere.

These days, some members of the audience are unemployed. 

Some other listeners are receiving government benefits in the pandemic interim. 

And a lucky few have managed to maintain their jobs and their pay days.

And while a common denominator for most of our thoughts is centered on cash, imagine the financial hit some athletes are facing.

A recent list focussed on Major League Baseball.

Mike Trout and Gerrit Cole, granted star performers, would take in more than $200,000 per game IF games were being played.

More than 60 Major League players would earn at least $100,000 each time their team played

At the bottom of the MLB pay scale are the newcomers and even the average rookie would pocket nearly $3,500 per game.

Yes, I envy these pay cheques, but I also admire the shrewd negotiators.

LA Dodgers pitcher Ross Stripling agreed to a $2.1 million contract, but the one year contract had a twist; his deal was for $1.5 million as a signing bonus..... leaving just $600,000 at risk as salary.

It may come as a surprise, but Stripling is a stockbroker in his spare time.

You too may envy these financial numbers, but I'll bet the reaction of those players is similar to mine, and yours, as we watch financial opportunities vanish on a day by day basis.

Have a great weekend.


I'm Fred Wallace

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