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See Ya Next Year

By Fred Wallace

Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


It's been a week of significant cancellations for the city of Owen Sound beginning on Monday.

First, the 45th annual Suummerfolk Music & Crafts Festival was cancelled and shuffled to the same period in mid-August of 2021.

Then hours later, the Sydenham Sportsmen's Club and the organizing committee of the Owen Sound Salmon Spectacular announced the 2020 derby was cancelled and also shifted to the traditional time period of late August-early September of 2021.

Neither ultimate decision was done hastily, as both groups, diverse as they are, have been watching the cornavirus pandemic unfold for months.

They both had their fingers crossed hoping that their traditional dates would be somewhat sheltered and conducted long after the pandemic had been treated and conquered.

That wasn't happening and with deadlines approaching for numerous aspects of operation, Summerfolk pulled the plug and the Salmon Spectacular cut bait.

How's that for cliches ?

The decisions in both cases are unfortunate, but understandable. They simply ran out of time and could wait no longer for an end.

And in both cases, the reaction and level of support for the cancellations have been positive.

Summerfolk officials believe the break will actually create an opportunity to address a variety of projects and needs including infrastructure issues that often get overlooked or pushed aside when preparing for a major 3 day festival.

And for the Salmon Spectacular, they relate their sponsors and those who donate prizes for the 10 day festival are on board with the move and indicate they'll be there for the 33rd annual Spectacular next year.

Summerfolk. The Salmon Spectacular. See you in 2021.


I'm Fred Wallace

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