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By Fred Wallace

Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


The Ontario Lacrosse Association, along with the Canadian Lacrosse Association, are expected to make significant statements pertaining to the 2020 season in the middle of May.

Some may assume the 2020 season is kaput based on world events, local events and, from a lacrosse standpoint, the cancellation of Junior C and Zone 8 Minor Lacrosse.

That assumption though would not be 100 % accurate.

Make no mistake the 2020 lacrosse season as it pertains in these parts to the Bug Juice Senior NorthStars and the Junior B NorthStars is in limbo at the moment.

Having said that, don't think for a second that the various stakeholders and partners are simply sitting and watching days pass by on the calendar.

Last Wednesday for example, the Ontario Junior B League held a Zoom conference

During the session, some teams related that they cannot afford to operate in 2020 based on a variety of factors that impact their financial operation.

In Owen Sound, Junior North Stars President Mark Rouse firmly believes the majority of the teams are good to go with a condensed schedule as planned.

The initial concept was a 10 game schedule, and that format is still on the table.

In terms of a playoff, the unique step of having tournament weekends to determine who advances is also being bandied about

Again, there's no guarantee of a 2020 lacrosse season but the Junior B clubs have a number of contingency plans in place and following May 15th, the group plans to get together again and hopefully put teams on the floor around the province.


I'm Fred Wallace


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