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Stamps Are Champs


By Fred Wallace

 Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire. "


The Stamps are Champs....finally.

The Calgary Stampeders won the Grey Cup Sunday in Edmonton taking the 2018 Canadian Football League Championship with a 27-16 win over the Ottawa RedBlacks.

The crucial play in the game came late, very late, in the first half.

With Calgary in control but holding a narrow lead at 14-11, the RedBlacks were forced to punt.

Terry Williams of the Stampeders caught the kick and making just a minimum of moves, he was able to slip through the Ottawa coverage as the RedBlacks were slipping on the slick turf.

The punt return went 97 yards climaxing the opening half with just 1 second remaining on the clock.

More importantly, the play, a signature of what makes the CFL at times more exciting that the NFL, gave Calgary a 21-11 lead heading into halftime.

Ottawa threatened periodically in the 2nd half, but it appeared they never truly recovered from the knockout punch of the Williams punt return.

For the record, the punt return was a record; the 97 yards by Williams erased the previous standard set by Chris Wright of the Baltimore Stallions in 1995 that went 82 yards.

The 2018 Grey Cup wasn't a classic, certainly not by the standards of many previous championship games.

But it did maintain a reputation for what matters most in the CFL; a National Championship pitting the best in the West against the best in the East, less than ideal weather conditions in an outdoor setting and just enough showbiz to remind us that the CFL and Canada has much to be proud of.


I'm Fred Wallace


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