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A Sports Feature at Heritage Fair


By Fred Wallace

 One of the neat activities I got to attend this year was the annual Heritage Fair at Grey Roots Museum & Archives.


The fair is an Elementary School celebration where selected students spotlight life & history in various aspects, with the top projects at the Grey Roots earning the right to advance to the Regional Fair and beyond.


There were excellent exhibits and exceptional stories told by the youngsters who truly knew their topics and displayed a passion for their displays.


Naturally, there was a category for " Sports ", and maybe not surprisingly, three of the younger entrants, students in Grade 4, selected legendary hockey players to profile.


Wayne Gretzky was featured by both a young lady and a boy, while another young boy chose Gordie Howe as his Heritage Fair project.


The winning display in the Sports category was an excellent presentation on Life Saving Sport which certainly has a prominent profile in Saugeen Shores in our region.


But winning isn't really the name of the game at the Heritage Fair; rather putting the time & effort into creating a project of personal interest, then having the courage & ability to stand in front of strangers and articulate what & why your topic is significant is a major victory on its own, and that's why 3 projects by Grade 4 students about Hockey Legends stood out to me at Grey Roots.

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