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Fastpitch returns to Owen Sound


By Fred Wallace

That's a good call, finally, by Softball Canada.

Earlier this month, Softball Canada awarded the 2011 Canadian Senior Men's Fastpitch Championship to Owen Sound and the Verge Investment Selects.

Owen Sound, which hosted this same National Championship in 2003, will once again be the site of the Canadian Men's Championship tournament in the late summer of 2011.

Truthfully, I was a little queasy, this after the Brick Brothers Volkswagen Junior Selects were denied the hosting duties for the 2010 & then the 2011 Junior Men's Championship tournaments by Softball Canada.

Yes, I understand the logic of wanting the National Championship tournaments at various levels to move around the country, but based on the success of the two Junior events at Duncan McLellan Park, plus previous National Championships there, I find it hard to imagine that any venue, or any group is any more capable of hosting such a major event than the Owen Sound fastpitch group.

But so be it.

The 2010 Canadian Junior Championship is at St Croix, Nova Scotia.

The 2011 Juniors come to Napanee.

And so after an off year for National Championship in Owen Sound, the summer of 2011 will see the return of the Canadian Senior Men's Championship Tournament at Duncan McLellan Park.

I'm Fred Wallace


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