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Going With the Oddsmakers


By Fred Wallace

The Super Bowl is set for Sunday at Miami, and at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Owen Sound and at various points in between.

Whether you're a Sunday to Sunday NFL junkie, or someone who goes to a party once a year, you cannot escape the hype of hoopla of the American Football Championship.

Will this Super Bowl be as special for Peyton Manning and the Colts as their last appearance ?

Can New Orleans complete the " feel-good " story of the decade and win one for the home town ?

Will the injured defensive end Dwight Freeney play in the Super Bowl ?

Truthfully, while Freeney's lower ankle sprain has been one of the lingering stories of the pre-game bonanza, how many of you know which team Freeney plays for ?

Such is template of the Super Bowl and the growing anticipation of the one game Championship.

I've been asked countless times who will win the Super Bowl.

Again in total honesty, on Sundays, I watch far more OHL Action Pak than Sunday Ticket, so my answer is irrelevant.

I will say, I've always respected the oddsmakers and if they say Indianapolis by 4, I'm with them.

Have a good weekend and enjoy the Super Bowl.

I'm Fred Wallace


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