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Weird Day @ Wiarton


By Fred Wallace


Ground Hog Day yesterday was a strange, strange affair in Wiarton.

Wiarton Willie, the most famous groundhog of all, saw his shadow, which means we've got 6 more weeks of winter in front of us.

Everyone loves Willie.

But not everyone likes the thought of 6 more weeks of winter.

Leaf General Manager Brian Burke was at the ceremony in Wiarton yesterday.

Burke is a guy who knows what it's like to start from a hole, and with much effort but little success, Burke, in a trading mood, tried to deal Willie to Pennsylvania for Phil the Groundhog and Sergei Gonchar to quarterback the Leaf power play.

No dice.

Also in the crowd at Wiarton were Gilbert Arenas & Javaris Crittenton of the Washington Wizards basketball team.

Following Willie's prediction, someone in the crowd made the offhand comment. ' I'd like to shoot Willie ' , which is the wrong thing to say around the Wizards who are are always packing heat.

Yes, it was a strange day in Wiarton yesterday.

Even stranger when they tried to put Willie back into his hole and he couldn't get back in.

Tiger Woods was hiding in the burrow, and Tiger says he won't come out for at least 6 weeks either.

Enjoy the Wiarton Willie Festival this week.

I'm Fred Wallace

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