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Port Elgin SuperSpiel


By Fred Wallace


The calendar rolls around and once again it's time for Port Elgin Super Spiel XXVIII, or Super Spiel 28.

For 28 years, the Port Elgin Curling Club has had one full weekend in which curlers hammer away from big time cash.

Yes, like anything over the course of 28 years, there are alterations.

Where once Super Spiel was the primer for the Ontario Men's Curling Championship, held the weekend before the Ontario Championship playdown, those days are gone.

Still the field of teams remains relatively high with 24 entries expected for 2010 and the level of cash remains pretty high as well.

Put simply, this is a " Pay as You Win " format.

With each victory, not only do you advance along the flyte to the Championship Game, but you also get paid on the spot.

If you & your rink should win your way to the Championship Game on Sunday at 3 pm, you'll be playing for $ 5,000 in first place money.

So while there's been an alteration here, and a modification there, Port Elgin Super Spiel XXVIII remains a major sporting event each year on the regional calendar with lots of activity and lots of cash on the line today, tomorrow and especially Sunday afternoon.

I'm Fred Wallace

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