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Save " I'm Sorry " For Brenda Lee


By Fred Wallace


The best TV Show in the history of the medium was the Rockford Files with James Garner.

So many great episodes, so many great lines.

Like the time Jim Rockford was assisting an ex-con buddy who was now essentially a groupie for a rock & roll star.

As the case bounced from one fiasco to the next, Jim tells his buddy, Eddie, he's sorry.

Eddie, in true music world fashion, barks, " Save ' I'm Sorry ' for Brenda Lee. "

I thought of this last week when a repentant Mark McGwire admitted steroid use and lamented that he wished he'd never played in the " Steroid Era ".

Boo Hoo.

Here's what Mark McGwire should have done.......

Come clean.

Ask for forgiveness.

Request that baseball remove his name from any mention in the record books.

Then finally face up to the media storm that will exist through spring training and likely through the Cardinals first circuit of the National League with McGwire as their new hitting coach.

But most of all, Mark, save " I'm Sorry " for Brenda Lee

I'm Fred Wallace



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