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World Junior Retrospective


By Fred Wallace


It's been a week since that wild Gold Medal Game at the World Junior Hockey Championship in Saskatoon.

The memories evoked in many circles from the American victory over the Canadian Juniors will be fresh and long lasting.

Deservedly so.

However, the great final and pool meeting between the U.S. and Canada, disguises, what in my point of view, was a bad tournament.

16-0, 8-2, 11-4, just a sequence of ridiculous scores in a tournament that had too few good or relevant games.

Great finish, but truthfully, we've got a competitive problem here.

During the intermission of the Championship game last week, I constructed an OHL team of players who didn't make our National Junior Team.

I had Stajcer, Hackett and Pasquale as my goalies.

I really liked the defence of Lalonde, Cuma, Cundari, Crawford, Gaunce & Gudbranson.

And up front I listed 14 potential skaters including Joey Hishon, Tyler Sequin, Jeff Skinner, Ethan Werek and Jordan Szwarz.

Plus for good measure, my coach would be George Burnett from Belleville.

I'll be honest, I don't think my fantasy OHL team would win gold or silver, but would we be good enough to get a medal ?

And if so, does it not illustrate a definitive lack in the competitive aspect of the World Junior Hockey Championship tournament ?

I'm Fred Wallace


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