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Wilson, NHL CSB & The Deadline


By Fred Wallace


That was quite a day yesterday for OHL news in and around Owen Sound.

Garrett Wilson was selected as the Becker Shoes Attack Player of the Week.

Good for Wilson who's won this award on back to back weeks, and based on his work ethic, he'll be a contender for the honor every time out.

Next, the NHL Central Scouting Bureau released the Mid Term ranking of players for the June Entry Draft.

Steven Shipley, Joey Hishon and Geoffrey Schemitsch are rated 44th, 46th and 169th respectively.

You can put upward arrows beside all three if they're healthy in the case of Shipley and Hishon or if they put on some beef in the case of Schemitsch.

I'd think the relative rating for all three will provide plenty of motivation over the next 3 months.

Finally, the OHL Trade Deadline came and went without an Owen Sound transaction. Again.

Until Owen Sound rises in the standings, the scenario of players, families and agents putting the kibosh on trades will continue.

And while that's discouraging, it should be motivating for the Attack who certainly did not pay, or overpay for a short term fix.

But now the motivational ball is squarely in the corner of the players and coaches to illustrate they are better, far better, than an 8th place club.

I'm Fred Wallace

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