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Berner Steps Down As Woodsmen GM


By Fred Wallace


Mark Berner announced last week that he was stepping aside as General Manager of the two time defending Presidents Cup Champion Owen Sound van Dolder Home Team Woodsmen.

Berner will stay on the executive of the Canadian Senior Lacrosse Champions, but in terms of extending his lengthy run as G.M., that's over.

On the surface, it may appear to some that Berner is choosing to exit when the team is on top.

I don't think that's the case, whatsoever.

Berner states, " it's just time ".

Whether he's building homes or cottages in his professional life, or constructing a lacrosse team, Berner has a very distinct blueprint he follows.

From Minor Lacrosse, through the Junior B Dutchmen and finally with the Woodsmen, Berner has been a perpetual executive member, if not the centrepiece, of each and every organization.

And with apologies to his own children, there's no denying the Woodsmen Club were, and are, his baby.

The concept of returning Senior Lacrosse to Owen Sound, with aid from a few others, essentially was Berner's.

When you look at every aspect of the Woodsmen operation, right down to the unique design of the jersey, you see Berner's influence.

And you can imagine, for Mark Berner, reducing, and eventually one day ending, his role with the Woodsmen Lacrosse organization is a decision that took a lot of time, and was not done without considerable thought and mixed emotions.

I'm Fred Wallace

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