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Gold Medal Game Tonight


By Fred Wallace


The World Junior Hockey Championship Championship game is tonight in Saskatoon; Canada against the United States.

The anticipation for this game is sky high for a number of reasons.

One, the game is on Canadian soil again this year, and after being subjected to mostly lopsided games through the tournament, the championship match could make the lead up games irrelevant in the minds of the good folks in Saskatchewan and elsewhere who forked out big money for bad games.

Second, it's Canada & the U.S. Them against us.

Long gone are the days when the Russians presented the chief threat to Canada's hockey supremacy.

Next, tonight's game has the unenviable task of trying to bypass the New Year's Eve game between the two sides in which Canada erased a deficit and prevailed in a shootout.

And finally, history awaits for Canada as the National Juniors attempt to win their 6th consecutive Gold Medal at the tournament.

There are a million other sub plots I'm sure, but the game has always been the thing, and tonight, it's Canada & the United States for the Gold medal at the World Junior Hockey Championships.

I'm Fred Wallace

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