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By Fred Wallace


You get to this point of the season and the tendency is to bundle the events of the calendar year and list them in order of significance.

Sportswise & otherwise.

If you're like me, you get to December 30th and many times you think, ' I really didn't do much this year, did I ? '

So I checked my calendar for confirmation, and it turns out 2009 was actually a pretty good year.

There were great travels and fun activities.

I saw NHL games at Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Toronto ( sort of ), Chicago and Detroit, but best of all, my SMHLPA brethren got to play for 2 hours at the Joe Louis Arena.

I continue to travel the province with the Owen Sound Attack and can't begin to tell you how enjoyable that is, especially on nights when the game is good and the Owen Sounders prevail, like tonight & tomorrow, I hope.

I had terrific swims in Mexico, at the Grand Cayman, and at Sauble Beach, Balm Beach, Waubashene and right here in Owen Sound at Harrison Park where I watched a 1 year old dip her toes in the pool for the first time ever.

There were weddings on warm summer nights, one a great shaker for the daughter of a friend of a friend; the other for my cousin, who looks like he really homered in his latest trip to the plate.

Catchup lunches with friends, dinner with the Minister of Health, great walks with my trusty Walkman ( yes, my WALKMAN ), poker games, golf all over the map, fireworks at Hanover Raceway, get the point.

2009 was a very good year.

Tomorrow, I want to talk about the highlight of 2009

I'm Fred Wallace


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