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A Bluewater Christmas


By Fred Wallace


An early Christmas greeting to the Bluewater High School contingent.

The Bluewater Athletic Association is officially on hiatus for the Christmas Break, but before everyone departs for the North Pole, or the Equator, I want to thank those who have kept us in the loop regarding the various sports.

Bluewater Athletics have conducted tennis championships, a football season, fall rugby, cross country meets, hosted the CWOSSA Cross Country championship, staged Boys Volleyball and Girls Basketball, then shifted and launched the season for Girls Basketball, Boys Volleyball and both divisions of hockey.

That's a pretty lengthy list for the first third of the school year and I probably missed a couple of events in there.

There are 13 high schools in Bluewater, and yes, three of them are located within the city of Owen Sound, which lends itself to staying connected to the local media.

However, the geographic span of the Bluewater Board high schools ranging from Meaford to Kincardine & from Lion's Head to Walkerton is truly vast, and that could make communications difficult.

Factor in that in almost every case, the key link in the high school communications chain is a teacher/coach, or coach/teacher, who likely has enough on a busy academic and athletic plate already, yet still manufactures the time to ensure the scores, the results and the highlights of their student-athletes get proper due.

You may have noticed that Tiger Woods, Andre Agassi's book, the Phoenix Coyotes and selected others get precious little air time compared to almost every other station in the province and country.

Put quite simply, I don't think those " big " stories are nearly as significant as the ones that are played out in our own backyard at the high school level, and for that I say Merry Christmas to the Bluewater Board as we look forward to 2010.

I'm Fred Wallace





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