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By Fred Wallace


We're into " retro " these days.

As we mentioned yesterday on this segment, the " Kazarian " name is back behind the bench in lacrosse coaching circles, extending the family name into the sport well beyond the 6 decade mark.

In the big time, the Toronto Raptors announced last week that on 6 occasions this year, they will wear the Toronto " Huskies " jerseys to commemorate the original Toronto franchise that began and folded in one year back in the 40's.

All of which reminded me of an initiative I heard in Owen Sound pertaining to the Attack and their sweaters.

I can't recall whether they were talking about the Attack Warm Up Jerseys, or about a ceremonial " third " jersey for the club, but the thought was to design the sweaters with the style and logo of the Owen Sound Mercurys.

The year 2010 will be the 60th anniversary of the 1950-51 Mercurys who won the Allan Cup, the North American Senior Hockey Championship, that season.

The debate I heard was whether or not to have the names of the new, or the old, players stitched on the back.

Would it be more effective to have Merc jerseys with Hishon, Shipley and Crombeen etc. ?

Or would the current players consent to warming up, or wearing ceremonial jerseys, with Burlington, Gillespie and Forslund stitched on the back ?

Now, this may never happen, but I think it's a great idea, one that would bind the Owen Sound hockey community past and present, and could succeed at several levels.

I'm Fred Wallace


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