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The Anniversary


By Fred Wallace


Today is December 10, 2009, my 25th anniversary of working here.

To mark the occasion, the people I work with and work for, have set up a nice function next week.

Knowing how these things go, at some point at the get together, some wizard will yell, ' SPEECH '...........

That's not going to happen........

There will be no speech, I will say simply " thank you ".

Thank you for coming.

Thank you for the lunch.

& Thank you for the lovely camera I received earlier as a 25th anniversary gift.....A gift I may actually figure out how to use in the next 25 years.

It's funny, I remember quite a bit about December 10th, 1984.

I arrived at CFOS/CFPS, then under the corporate name of Grey-Bruce Radio, around 4 pm. Like today, it was snowing pretty hard.

At 6 pm I went into the control room, and in sequence, I was the operator for the news, the Jean Pauley Show, Back to Bible and then the Hour of Decision.

Following the news at 9 pm that night, I came on the air to introduce myself and what was to come that evening on the program.

Keep in mind, in Midland, from whence I came, I'd spent most of the last year doing afternoons, so with little hesitation that night at 9:05 pm, I blurted out " Good AFTERNOON "....., caught myself, giggled and then tried to regroup.

So in closing the speech that will never be delivered, it's obvious there have been ups and downs, great times and great memories over the course of a quarter of a century, but there's NO WAY, I plan on being here for a 50th anniversary.

I'm Fred Wallace


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