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Once A Dragon, Always A Dragon


By Fred Wallace


" Once A Dragon, Always A Dragon ".

That's the slogan for Dufferin Public School in Owen Sound.

Earlier this week, one of their most prominent alumni returned for their morning announcements and Canadian Alpine Ski Team member Larisa Yurkiw admitted she really enjoyed the experience.

With no offense to Dufferin School, Yurkiw is aiming for bigger events, both in the short term and in the long term.

Short term, being this month, Yurkiw wants to ski at S+?-?lden, Austria in an FIS World Cup race.

As of her Dufferin appearance, she knew only that she was going to Austria, but not necessarily whether or not she'd be competing.

Long term, that being in February, Yurkiw is hoping to ski her way onto an Olympic berth.

But it's complex.

There are only so many spots open for Canadian skiers, and no one will say for sure what that number is.

Further complicating the issue is gender.

For example, Canada may have 10 spots for skiers at the Olympic Games, but that doesn't mean it will be 5 male and 5 female.

It could be 8 men and just 2 women, for example.

The deal is, regardless of the number allotted, Canada is going to send the skiers who give them the best chance to win a medal, which Yurkiw views as fair.

Furthermore, based on training and competition, Yurkiw believes she deserves a chance.

She knows she'll have other Olympic Qualifying opportunities in the next decade, but short term-long term, she wants this one.

And if she gets there, I think she'd easily become the most prominent Dufferin Dragon.

I'm Fred Wallace

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