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By Fred Wallace


Projections are funny.

Sometimes they can be very humbling.

The Owen Sound Attack, and Fred Wallace for that matter, projected a group of Owen Sound forwards this year with Joey Hishon centering one line, Marcus Carroll centering another, and Steve Shipley centering yet another line.

That's a pretty deep pool at center, projection wise.

Around Hishon, Carroll & Shipley were a variety of capable wingers and the projection was that goal scoring would not be a problem.

Furthermore, with gifted defender David Kolomatis expected to return and create goals from the blueline, we were going to score goals, and we were going to win games. A lot of games.

At least, I thought so.

What wasn't projected was Kolomatis staying at Manchester for up to 6 weeks.

No one thought newly acquired Jason Wilson would have significant leg woes from an NHL training camp.

Did anyone know Roman Berdnikov would be on the shelf recovering from shoulder surgery ?

Did you forsee a Mark Reeds coached team having issues when they're shorthanded ?

And who among you knew that Michael Farrell, now at Kingston, would have as many goals as Hishon, Carroll and Shipley combined ?

But projection time is over and the reality isn't pretty.

I projected Sarnia would be last in the OHL Western Conference.

At no time did I think the Attack would share that position with the Sting, but that's exactly where we start things today heading to the game tonight against Plymouth at the Harry Lumley-Bayshore Community Center.

I really want to project the game result today, but I've been miserable to this point in the season with projections, so we'll wait and see what really transpires tonight.

I'm Fred Wallace





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