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The Runaround


By Fred Wallace


When it comes to the runaround, the blue ribbon champions have to be the Ontario Amateur Softball Association.

In a dizzying sequence that would put the " Tilt-a-Whirl " ride at the Fall Fair to shame, the O.A.S.A. giveth, then taketh, or at least delays, and then double giveth backeth.

How's that for Shakespeare ?

Let's recap we know it.

In the beginning, the Brick Brothers Volkswagen Junior Selects, who have truly grown hosting the Canadian Junior Men's Fastball Championship Tournament  into a major event in the city & region, made a pitch to be the host team and host center for a third straight year.

As part of the paperwork required to get the bid from Softball Canada, they got a letter of support from the O.A.S.A.

However, in short order, O.A.S.A. President Larry Sherwin told Bayshore Broadcasting that the Association was withholding their support of the Owen Sound bid, for the moment, in order to assess other applications.

Last week, O.A.S.A. Secretory Christine Patenaude called Bayshore Broadcasting to announce the Association had awarded Owen Sound the right to host the Provincial Midget Elimination Tournament AND also informed us that the Brick Brothers bid to host the Nationals was forwarded from the Association to Softball Canada, who will render a decision this week or next on the host center for the 2010 Junior National Championship Tournament.

So, Owen Sound has one big tournament next year, and conceivably they could have the National Junior again, unless there's another twist.

Did Shakespeare ever have a plot like this ?

I'm Fred Wallace

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