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Fed Ex Finale


By Fred Wallace


The biggest winners in sports over the weekend were the Detroit Lions in the NFL.

With their heroic 19-14 win over Washington, the Lions snap a 19 game losing streak.

Among the other weekend winners in sports, Tiger Woods took the Fed Ex Cup, the climax of the pro golf and the relatively new " playoff " series.

I wonder, did anyone care  ?

Did Tiger care ?

The impression I got from seeing Woods speak on the Fed Ex Cup was that he liked the event, ( and who wouldn't with $ 10 million dollars in prize money available ? ), but truthfully, the game's greatest player admitted the Fed Ex Cup didn't carry the same distinction that a Major does.

And that's fair enough.

Coming from Woods, for most the greatest player in the history of the sport, and a player who's always demonstrated a keen knowledge of the sport's history & tradition, you have to respect his perspective.

But, if the best player in the sport isn't jacked about the event, should the golf fan not be equally as indifferent ?

And what of the sponsor ? Or sponsors ?

Facing economic clouds, maybe the extinction of several tourneys, and with many sponsorship deals ending in 2010, I would not be surprised to see the elite in golf suddenly start to trumpet the merits of the Fed Ex Cup playoffs with the same zest reserved for the Majors.

I'm Fred Wallace



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