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Does $ Win In Baseball ?


By Fred Wallace


The Major League Baseball Playoffs begin next week.

And once again the New York Yankees will be part of the post season having clinched the American League East & homefield advantage throughout the playoffs.

And once again, the Toronto Blue Jays will not be a part of the playoffs.

For the Yankees who clinched their spot last week, this will be the 14th time in 15 years they're advancing to the playoffs.

For the Jays who fell off the map beginning in June, this will be the 16th consecutive season, in which they do not advance.

We had an interesting conversation with Toronto broadcaster Jerry Howarth pertaining to the World Series Jays and the Jays of today.

Howarth, whose always had a firm grip and a solid perspective on the sport, was exceptionally quick, I thought, to point out that when the Jays were World Series Champions, they had the highest payroll in the Majors.

Now, and for many years, that distinction belongs to the Yankees.

However, is it simply a case of the richest teams financially being the best teams on the diamond ?

The 2009 post season lineup, more or less, of Yankees, Red Sox, Tigers, Angels, Phillies, Cardinals, Dodgers & Rockies seems to confirm that.

I'm not prepared to say that money wins in baseball, but based on the success of the teams advancing to the playoffs, it obviously helps.

I'm Fred Wallace



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