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Reverend Frost 1973


By Fred Wallace


When I was in Grade 8, every Wednesday morning Reverend Frost of the Alliance Church in Midland came to our classroom and did a 30 minute, religiously oriented session with the class.

The best lesson came when he brought 4 open pop bottles to the class and asked 4 different students to tell him what was in each bottle.

Jimmy Platt had one that looked like water, Jimmy said as much, and Reverend Frost said, ' how do you know  ? '

Jimmy answered, ' because it looks like water '.

Reverend Frost suggested Jimmy take a sample, and after swallowing, gagging and then spitting the liquid out of his mouth, it was revealed the clear liquid was not water, but rather.............. vinegar.

The point of the lesson ?

Things are not always as they appear.

I remember that lesson in light of the Ontario Amateur Softball Association withdrawing their letter of support for the Owen Sound Volkswagen Selects bid to host a third consecutive Canadian Men's Junior Fastball Championship Tournament.

The O.A.S.A. says there are two other Ontario bids along with Owen Sound, plus another bid, thought to come from out of the province.

Since 2005, as far as I can tell, only Owen Sound has bid for this tournament.

Two weeks ago, Softball Canada confirmed there were no other bids for 2010 other than Owen Sound's.

Now, suddenly, there are 3 other bids ? Really ?

As Reverend Frost instructed in 1973, there's got to be more to this than what meets the eye.

I'm Fred Wallace


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