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Olympics For Meaford Chiropractor


By Fred Wallace


There's plenty of anticipation for the 2010 Olympic Games at Vancouver.

We've mentioned many times in this segment about the pursuit of an Olympic spot on the Canadian Alpine Ski Team for Owen Sound skier Larisa Yurkiw.

Just as significant is the berth acquired by Meaford chiropractor Dr. Kevin Hooper.

Hooper, with a lengthy and varied history of competing in sports and treating sports injuries, is one of just 22 chiropractors who will work during the Games.

In fact, Hooper's destination will be the Olympic Village where he, along with 5 others, will be available 8 hours a day in rotating shifts, treating World Class athletes from around the world as need be.

As mentioned, through his own activities, his professional pursuits and his parental activities, Hooper has dealt with runners, skiers, hockey players and virtually every kind of athletic ailment that requires chiropractic treatment.

Hooper admits an injury is an injury and it's unlikely he'll see an ailment he hasn't seen or dealt with before.

However, the level of significance here is magnified a million times.

We're not talking about getting an athlete ready for a Bluewater Volleyball game here.

This is the Olympics, your once in 4 years event, your once in a lifetime competition for almost every athlete.

And if quick and quality treatment means an athlete recovers and performs to the best of their ability, then you can understand why this posting for Dr Kevin Hooper is every bit as meaningful to him and the community as it would be should Larisa Yurkiw compete in Alpine Skiing.

I'm Fred Wallace


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