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Tara Fair Racing


By Fred Wallace


One of the beauties of living and working here, and holding the position I do in the shop, is that you never run out of new experiences.

Who else could produce a resume as varied as mine ?

Host of the Miss Teen Georgian Bay Pageant.

Host of the Wiarton Frog Jump.

Host of the Food Basics Anniversary Shopping Spree.

Host of the Wiarton Groundhog Festival pageant.

Host of Sauble Beach Sandcastle Festival.

And on it goes.....

In recent years, I've really enjoyed my nights at trackside at Hanover Raceway.

I don't know much about the horses, but I do like the races, the betting and the people.

Today I get my first chance to call a horse race.

With the very best announcer possible, Frank Salive, departing for Florida, the Tara Fair suddenly had a vacancy and asked if I could fill in for Frank.

I'll be awful, certainly a far cry from Frank Salive, but just like Frog Jump & the Shopping Spree, I'm really looking forward to the races today at the Tara Fair.

I'm Fred Wallace



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