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Perrott Changes Professions


By Fred Wallace


I never saw Nathan Perrott play hockey until he got to Oshawa with the Generals of the Ontario Hockey League.

In his return to Owen Sound on Saturday January 14th, 1995, Perrott, as promoted in advance, tried to fight Shane Kenny on the opening faceoff, later did mug Kenny and eventually did the spade work for an overtime goal by Marc Savard as Oshawa, under coach Stan Butler, scored a 3-2 win.

Seems like a long time ago.....

It's strange that of all the graduates of Owen Sound Minor Hockey Group to make it all the way to the National Hockey League, Perrott is easily the least talked about in local hockey circles.

Maybe that's because his path from Owen Sound to Walkerton to St Mary's to Oshawa to Sault Ste Marie and then into pro hockey was such a surprise.

A surprise at almost every juncture.

I'm not sure if it's surprising or not, but Perrott, whose calling card was his fists and rugged play, is changing careers and will make his professional boxing debut Friday at the Legendary Blue Horizon in Philadelphia against Makidi Ku-Tima.

After a handful of amateur fights, and thousands of hockey fights, Perrott will face Ku-Tima in a four round Heavyweight bout.

Will Perrott be as good a fighter with gloves on as he was with them off ?

Who is Makidi Ku-Tima ? I've looked everywhere without much success.

But aside from the questions, it is an interesting feature with an Owen Sound angle this week.

I'm Fred Wallace



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