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" Leaf Abomination "


By Fred Wallace


Labour Day Weekend is now behind us.

In 9 days, the Ontario Hockey League season begins.

Shortly thereafter, the NHL season begins.

As a primer over the weekend, I read " Leafs Abomination " by Dave Feschuk & Michael Grange.

The sub title for the Handbook is " The Dismayed Fan's Handbook To Why The Leafs STINK And How They Can Rise Again. "

In a nutshell, using various aspects & sectors of the hockey world, the writers examine and explain why and where the Leafs have gone wrong.

Many of these examples and incidents are old news, but when you publish the entire list, the litany of gaffes and blunders is staggering.

By and large in Toronto, the Leafs failures are tied to ownership.

Since their last Stanley Cup in 1967, the Leafs have been owned by an autocratic incompetent, by charity, by a well intentioned grocer whose chain of stores were bleeding financially and finally now owned by the Teachers Pension Fund.

Four unique ownership models, none of them successful.

This book is revealing, and sad, and pitiful, and ironic with just enough humour to make you shake your head or laugh out loud.

By the way, the price for " Leaf Abomination ".......$ 19.67

Kills me.

I'm Fred Wallace

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