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NHL Thought Process


By Fred Wallace


The National Hockey League and their Board of Governors must be on drugs.

Or worse.

How else to explain this blatant crusade to keep Jim Balsillie from buying the Phoenix Coyotes ?

In the beginning, the NHL fully supported hockey in Phoenix as a better market than Winnipeg, Canada.

Later, they insisted, NHL hockey could thrive, let alone survive, financially and otherwise in Arizona.

When Balsillie, the RIM bigwig, made his biggest thrust to purchase and shift the Coyotes to Ontario, the NHL claimed there were " many " potential owners, all more desirable than Balsillie, lined up to purchase the club.

One of them, Jerry Reinsdorf of Bulls & White Sox fame, actually emerged, and was deemed by the squeaky clean NHL Board as being far superior to Balsillie, who was said to be of " questionable character "

But then Reinsdorf pulled the chute this week and the NHL made their bid to purchase the Coyotes and operate them in the desert.

Holy Mackerel !!

At least be honest, NHL.

Come clean and tell the hockey world that the NHL lodge has made a membership decision to protect the Leafs, who don't need it, and the Sabres, who probably do need some protection, and as a result, that's why we object to Jim Balsillie.

Lies and curious business practices at best have made the NHL look as feeble as the Coyotes balance sheet.

I'm Fred Wallace


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