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Phil DeLand

News Anchor/Reporter

I've lived in Tottenham my entire life. I've never enjoyed the "city life" so I never had a desire to leave town like most of my friends. Much of my life outside of work has revolved around working on the farm with my father and my brother. My mother is a nurse who has worked for Sunnybrook for 30+ years. Working hard has always been a family trait and one that was instilled on me at a young age. While my friends were out partying over the weekend, I was in a field taking off hay, or driving around in a tractor. My belief is that I may not have the most "raw talent" in the world, but nobody will ever out work me.

After high school I had no idea what I wanted to do so I took some time off before I decided to get into broadcasting. I went to college for two years before landing an internship (that eventually lead to a job) with the NHL Network Radio on SiriusXM. I spent three years with them as a board op, producer and cutting highlights before I was moved to Canada Talks on SiriusXM. There I produced a number of shows but the real fun was producing and co-hosting an all sports talk show with Norm Rumack. For a little more than a year Norm and I had a blast interviewing guests and talking all sports. The stations executives eventually cancelled our show after deciding to take the entire channel in a news direction. Feeling a little down and out, almost as if my short career in broadcasting had run it's course, I found an ad for a news reporter here at Country 105. I owe a lot to the people that hired me on and gave me a chance. Moving from sports to news wasn't easy but it's been a lot of fun. Being here allows me to be closer to home, closer to the farm and my friends. No more two hour commutes to the city. I can continue to do what I do on the farm and my wife and I can raise our family the way we were raised; working hard and earning everything we have.

Born: November 29th in Toronto.

Real ambition: To meet Harrison Ford.

Last purchase: Coffee. It's usually coffee.

Favourite word/phrase/quote: "I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul."

First Job: Farmer.

Before I was at Bayshore: I worked for the NHL Network Radio on SiriusXM.

What I love about being on the radio: It's theatre of the mind.

What I love about country music: The soul.

Favourite concert: Motorhead.

Unverified claim to fame: May or may not be Batman. 

Favourite place around here: My farm.

If I could change the world: A reduction in movie ticket prices.

My perfect day: Spent at a baseball park.

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