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Fadi Didi

Morning News Co-Host

Born: London, Ontario.

Real ambition: The way I eat, I'm hoping to live to 40

Last purchase: Rock Star Energy Drink

Favourite word/phrase/quote: “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” - Mike Tyson

Weirdest job: London Rippers mascot “Fungo”

Indulgence: Podcasts—I listen to a lot.

Dangerous: Can't ice skate.

Hidden talent: Play a wicked bass

Unverified claim to fame: Shook hands with Tie Domi and Mats Sundin

Favourite song/artist/group: Dream Theater – Stream of Consciousness

If I could change the world: No hate. Hate is bad. Music is good.

Your perfect day: Watching every season of The Wire, consecutively.

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