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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Book Tells The Story Of Grey County Soldiers At Passchendale

Grey County | by Claire McCormack  

True stories of local soldiers in WWI are recounted in The Day The Ravebeek Ran Grey.

Photo By Agnes McCormack  

A book outlining a key WWI battle involving Grey County soldiers is now available.

Author and Veteran, George Scott Auer's The Day The Ravebeek Ran Grey, released in December, is a non-fiction book that uses research, letters and journal entries written by the soldiers themselves and military records to tell the story of the local soldiers at the 2nd Battle of Passchendale.

Soldiers from communities including Hanover, Chatsworth, Owen Sound, Meaford, Kimberley, Durham, Dornoch and Shallow Lake fought in the battle and Auer details how and why they joined the war.

Included are soldiers' own accounts of marching through Owen Sound to board the SS Olympic, a repurposed ship of the (Titanic's) White Star Line that would take them overseas.

Once there, stories of local men unfold, highlighting Private Tommy Holmes, who lied and said he was older in order to join the army, then went on to perform a courageous stunt that would capture a German stronghold and earn him a Victoria Cross medal.

Leuitenant Homer Jucksh was a renowned hockey and lacrosse player, a lover of music and the arts, and was about to take a job singing on a Great Lakes cruise ship, when he insetad joined the army and went on to become the most decorated solider of the 147th Battalion.

Auer focuses in on a number of local soldiers, their paths to war, their victories and  for most, thier deaths.

In his Foreward, local historian Andrew Armitage describes The Day The Ravebeek Ran Grey as, "An account of the road to Armageddon, those few days when Grey County blood ran like water."

The Day The Ravebeek Ran Grey book is available at the Ginger Press Bookstore in downtown Owen Sound.

You can listen to Author George Scott Auer on the Open Line podcast HERE.

Auer is also the author of the 2016 book Soldiers Of The Soil: Grey County Goes to War: 1914-1918.


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