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  Survey Date
[ view ] Do you think Premier Doug Ford is RIGHT or WRONG to challenge a federally-imposed carbon tax? October 17, 2018
[ view ] Do you think marijuana will have a GOOD or BAD effect on your community, when it is legalized nationwide October 17th? September 27, 2018
[ view ] Do you think the move by Maxime Bernier to form his own party will hurt the Conservatives under Andrew Scheer? August 24, 2018
[ view ] What do you think of the province's plan to redesign the 2015 sex education curriculum? July 26, 2018
[ view ] Which issue facing Ontario do you think Premier Doug Ford should address first? June 11, 2018
[ view ] Can you afford to take a vacation this summer? April 12, 2018
[ view ] "Should Mom-and-Pop style stores be allowed to sell legalized pot." February 26, 2018
[ view ] Do you think the $14 an hour minimum wage will be good or bad for Ontario's economy? January 11, 2018
[ view ] Do you have a New Year's Resolution for 2018? December 8, 2017
[ view ] "Do you plan on spending more money, or less money compared to last Christmas?" November 3, 2017
[ view ] "How do you feel about tougher laws on distracted driving, which include revoking your licence for your first offence?" September 22, 2017
[ view ] With white supremacist rallies popping up in the U.S., have you noticed a rise in nationalism in your area? August 17, 2017
[ view ] What do you think of the 10.5 million dollar deal the Federal government gave to Omar Kadhr? July 24, 2017
[ view ] The provincial election is LESS than a year away. If it were held today, who would you vote for? June 21, 2017
[ view ] Are you planning on taking a trip during your summer holidays? May 25, 2017
[ view ] Are you worried about the legalization of marijuana in Canada? April 17, 2017
[ view ] "How do you feel about the Ontario government plan to cut hydro rates by 25 percent this year?" March 9, 2017
[ view ] With Donald Trump wanting to renegotiate NAFTA do you feel his Presidency will be good or bad for Canada? February 6, 2017
[ view ] A new Ontario carbon tax has kicked in covering gasoline, natural gas, home heating oil and propane. How do you feel about the Liberal government plan to curb carbon emissions? January 9, 2017
[ view ] Do you have a New Years Resolution? December 21, 2016
[ view ] How much money are you spending on Christmas this year? November 28, 2016
[ view ] How do you feel about a Donald Trump Presidency November 10, 2016
[ view ] The Liberal Government of Justin Trudeau is now 1 year old. How do you rate it? October 25, 2016
[ view ] Do you feel the Kathleen Wynne government has handled the Energy file properly? October 4, 2016
[ view ] Simcoe Grey MP Kelly Leitch believes immigrants should be screened for any "Anti-Canadian values." Is this a good idea? September 20, 2016
[ view ] After the RCMP raid on an ISIS sympathizer's home in Strathroy, are you concerned about terrorism in your own community? August 12, 2016
[ view ] "Should we eliminate tipping and pay wait staff a living wage?" July 19, 2016
[ view ] Will Britain's decision to leave the European Union have an impact on your day to day life? June 27, 2016
[ view ] Are you planning a vacation this summer? June 13, 2016
[ view ] Should parents who do not believe in vaccines be required to sit through an education class with Public Health, something that is being considered by the provincial government? May 30, 2016
[ view ] Has the federal government done enough for the fire victims of Fort McMurray, Alberta? May 15, 2016
[ view ] Should the government pay ransoms to terrorists to free Canadian hostages? May 2, 2016
[ view ] Should Canada's new assisted dying law include those under the age of 18 and people with mental health issues? April 17, 2016
[ view ] Do you think the sex assault trial of Jian Ghomeshi was fair to victims? April 4, 2016
[ view ] Are you concerned about Donald Trump becoming U-S President? March 21, 2016
[ view ] Do you support the idea of free tuition for students from low income families in Ontario? March 7, 2016
[ view ] Do you support expanded health care coverage for Refugees? February 21, 2016
[ view ] Have you been affected by the slumping loonie? February 8, 2016
[ view ] Do you support the idea of a Universal Drug Plan in Canada? January 11, 2016
[ view ] Should the Liberals go ahead with the plan to legalize marijuana in Canada? January 11, 2016
[ view ] Have you made a New Year's Resolution for 2016? December 29, 2015
[ view ] Do you support Canada's decision to end its air combat campaign against ISIS? December 7, 2015
[ view ] Are you concerned about the federal government's plan to accept 25,000 Syrian refugees? November 23, 2015
[ view ] Are you planning to spend more money or less money compared to last Christmas? November 9, 2015
[ view ] What do you think should be the first priority for the new federal Liberal government? October 26, 2015
[ view ] Do you think the 12-country Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal is good for local farmers? October 13, 2015
[ view ] Do you support the province allowing beer sales in grocery stores by Christmas? September 28, 2015
[ view ] Do you support the new sex ed curriculum now in place in Ontario schools? September 14, 2015
[ view ] Will the testimony at the Mike Duffy fraud trial impact the way you vote in the federal election? August 31, 2015
[ view ] Have you decided which party and LOCAL candidate you will support in the next federal election? August 17, 2015
[ view ] Which party leader do you feel would make the best Prime Minister? August 4, 2015
[ view ] Are you more concerned about the security of your online information than you were a year ago? July 20, 2015
[ view ] After another horse death, should chuckwagon races be banned at the Calgary Stampede? July 6, 2015
[ view ] Should the Canadian government get rid of the Senate? June 21, 2015


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