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Dash For Cash Dashed


By Fred Wallace

Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


Tonight was supposed to be a big night in local sports.

In what now is a too familiar scenario, the event, in this case, the Dash for Cash at Sauble Speedway, is a no-go.

Last week, Paul Gresel and Joe Chisholm at the Speedway made the official announcement that there would be no race season at the track this year.

There are a number of factors involved, but the top 2 are quite obvious.

One, with a cap of 100 guests or spectators as dictated by the province, there's no way the operation at Sauble could be financially feasible.

And second, along a similar vein, the traditional race season at Sauble Speedway is already half over in terms of the calendar and the organizers felt it was wiser to call a halt to 2020, essentially before it started, or restarted.

Of note, Sauble Speedway is shuffling everything that was scheduled, everything that was registered and everything that was sponsored from 2020 to 2021.

Also of note, even with the formal cancellation of the season, there will be activity at the track.

Testing and tuning can still be conducted at Sauble and for the ambitious driver and race team what better opportunity to fine tune and prep for whatever lies ahead ?

Plus, on Saturday August 22nd, the APC Tour will be hosting a 1 day event. No, fans cannot attend or be on the site, but for Sauble Speedway it's a prominent offering in what is now a lost season.


I'm Fred Wallace

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