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Nobody Knows


By Fred Wallace

Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


The most persistent question I get these days pertains to hockey; the future of Minor Hockey in the region plus the horizon for the Owen Sound Attack and the Ontario Hockey League.

I can't tell you much, because truthfully even those closest to the core aren't able to say much.

But I can tell you this;

The Ontario Hockey League conducted a Conference Call last week in which the primary topic of discussion was Return To Play...or as we now know it; RTP.

Even at that, there are many blanks remaining.

The Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, quite some time ago, projected an early October start. 

I don't see that, certainly not in Owen Sound with the Harry Lumley-Bayshore acting as a hospital outlet possibly into October.

Next, the National Hockey League Draft is scheduled for October 6th, followed by Training Camp for the " next season " in mid-November with a targeted start to the " next season " NHL season December 1st.

Would the OHL commence their season in October, and then, for arguments sake, would the London Knights be thrilled to see Connor McMichael depart for the Washington Capitals camp 45 days into the OHL season ? I think not


Other topics; Quarantine.

What's the protocol for Owen Sound with Europeans Stepan Machacek & Noah Delemont plus Americans Mack Guzda and possibly Andrew Perrott ?

And are we ready to talk about schooling when the Bluewater Board of Education, for example, has 3 potential learning models on the table but no set date as to when to progress or implement the choice selected ?

Hockey in Owen Sound, Grey & Bruce for Minor and Junior should be on the horizon. 

But if you're asking what date is on the horizon, I don't know. 

..................Nobody does.


I'm Fred Wallace




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