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Landmark Opportunity


By Fred Wallace

Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".


Very quickly, a successful season at Hanover Raceway, certainly in terms of their handle, is approaching the annual climax.

This weekend at Hanover, the " Dream of Glory " elimination races will be staged which will determine the field for the Final and the richest sporting event in Grey County scheduled for Saturday August 1st.

It's estimated the 2020 " Dream of Glory " purse will be in the neighbourhood of $ 60,000 and those with connections to the 8 horses in the final can tell you how prestigious the race is and how coveted the grand prize is.

On another harness racing note, I had a great chat with Howard Pearce from Landmark Stables.

Landmark Stables is an operation that offers fractured ownership of a race horse.

For a minimum of $ 2,000 anybody can purchase a share in the annual stable which is approaching it's 14th edition.

Landmark Stable, well established horse people, do the research, scout the yearlings available for sale, make the purchase and handle all of the costs associated with training a horse and keeping it fed and healthy.

I'd heard about this program previously, but got a recent update from Mark Border who I understand has been a Landmark Stable participant for more than a decade.

The horse they're connected to this year is " Remember Titan " who won a race last week at Woodbine-Mohawk Park and has either won or placed in his last 4 outings.

It's enjoyable. It's exciting. And Landmark Stable appears to have both a strong history and solid future.


I'm Fred Wallace


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